Month: December 2009

Movies on a Budget: See Everything You Want For Cheap – PART II


Hopefully by now you have already read PART I of this series on how to save money on going out to the movies.  If you haven’t… CLICK HERE

movies1“Why do YOU like/go to the movies?”  This was the question that I asked our B.O.B. facebook and twitter communities and I can’t say I was surprised by the responses.  The majority of people said they went to the theatre to escape.  At first I thought this was kind of a sad reason.  Were their lives really so bad?  Well maybe not. After further thought I realized these people have simply figured out that movies can be a great outlet for relieving stress, sparking their imagination and can even add a little excitement into their otherwise mundane and repetitive work schedules.

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Keeping Your Home Fresh – Spend Less and Clean Smarter – PART I

 PART I:   The Cleaning Essentials


 To say, “today’s market of cleaning products is oversaturated and overpriced,” would be a major understatement.  Never before has there been so many fancy mops, air fresheners, spray bottles and other contraptions designed to spark our interest and take our money.  And what good does the millions of dollars these companies spend on advertising actually do for cleaning our homes? The answer is NOTHING.  Therefore, the first and most immediate way to save money on cleaning your home is to NEVER buy name brand cleaning products. 

 Personally, I use the dollar store for all of my cleaning needs.  You’ll find that once you knock out the name brands and other advertising gimmicks the amount of choices you have to make on actual cleaning products is far less.  The reason?  Because you can achieve the same level of cleanliness with some general cleaning knowledge and the use of some everyday home essentials.  

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Dating On A Budget: Keeping Your Mate Interested Year Round – PART 2

dating2It’s a proven fact that the lower a person’s self-esteem, the less likely they are to find and keep an intimate partner. As well, recent studies have sited lack of success among the top five reasons associated with low self-esteem. If you ask ten different people to define success, you will get ten different answers, and rightfully so. Success is relative to the person defining it. With this understood, would it be incorrect to say that many associate the size of their bank account with success? How many times have you told yourself that some hot body was out of your league? What was your true motivation for believing that? Only you will ever know. However, regardless of how much money you have, unconditional love can be achieved. Here are a few ideas for having intimate fun while spending less.

Take On A New Hobby Or Skill

Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to learn something while truly getting to

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Gas On A Budget – 3 Keys To Spending Less As Prices Go Up


Petroleum… a natural resource that literally changed the world of transportation. It has also become to source of our dependance and despise. Once powerless countries are now thriving metropolises because of the value of petroleum and the power that comes with it… and was there really anything we could do about it?  Unless you live in a city where you can get around solely by public transportation… gas can be as important to your costs of living as food and electricity.  I mean how else are you supposed to get to work so you can pay the bills?

 Thus our dependence on oil severely limits our options when it comes to spending money on gas.  I’ve decided to steer clear of the most obvious and perhaps the most difficult changes you could make towards decreasing your need for gas (i.e. carpooling, riding a bike, buying a hybrid/smaller ride etc) and focus on the more practical methods.

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Beauty On A Budget – 8 Tips To Keep You Beautiful Without Breaking The Bank



Let’s be honest, today’s pop-culture judges you on the way you look, rather than the person you are inside. With respect to those that don’t judge others on looks, I will admit that beauty alone will not get you to baller status unless your chosen career path is in the modeling industry. Sadly, the fact still remains that your chances of being accepted into any social clique significantly increases if you have socially appealing looks. Achieving what others may call beauty is challenging, no matter the amount of your budget, and can be quite time consuming. Here are 8 tips to keep everyone, regardless of gender, beautiful, for less.

1) Find a professional that’s willing to barter

More than likely, you have something that another person can benefit from. Whether it’s a service or a product that you sell (or even make), trading it can be less expensive than

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