Month: February 2010

Renting and Buying Movies on a Budget

Giovanni Sades / FreeDigitalPhotos.netLet’s be honest, not all movies are worth seeing in the theater or purchasing on video. Many factors determine whether or not a person enjoys a particular movie and everyone’s opinion and perspective differs. Sometimes the plot line leaves something to be desired, the acting is below par, or maybe you just don’t find the movie captivating. One thing is almost certain, you will not like every movie you watch. Conscious shoppers have learned to watch or rent any movie before deciding to purchase it.

Renting and Borrowing

-Join Netflix

As of this writing, you can rent unlimited movies without any late fees or shipping costs for less than $10 a month. In addition, you will have access to thousands of movies instantly from any computer with an Internet connection.

-Public Libraries

Libraries and Universities often offer free movie rentals to their members. Take advantage of them.

-Start a Movie Club

Share movies with your friends. Develop a checkout system and keep track of who has what. Organization is essential in making a movie club successful. If you don’t trust

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Taxes on a Budget – The Cardinal Rule

A recent questionnaire directed to a group of tax professionals revealed that some of the most overlooked tax deductions are moving expenses, non-reimbursed employee expenses, medical miles driven to the doctor, job hunting expenses, sales tax on new vehicle purchases and the various credits given to tax payers each year such as the earned income credit, residential energy credit, and the child and dependent care credit. In addition, each year brings new tax regulations or changes to existing regulations.

For example, the 2009 tax season brought about three specific new credits which many have never heard of:
-The Making Work Pay Credit
-The American Opportunity Credit
-The Plug-In Electric Vehicle Credit

If this is your first time learning of these tax credits, you probably shouldn’t be doing your taxes without the help of a professional. Ricky Pritchard, an Enrolled Agent (EA) licensed to practice before all divisions

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Valentines Day Ideas for Women on a Budget

narabiaondeviantartdotcomFrom a man’s perspective, Valentines Day gift shopping should be fairly simple for a female. Some men believe that this “holiday of romance” is a female holiday that pressures the man into proving romanticism and satisfying his partner; however, the goal for women on Valentines Day is the same goal that men share – to demonstrate your love and appreciation for your mate. This simple task does not require a lot of money.


Explore your creative side and design fun coupons out of construction paper. An intense backrub, favorite homemade meal, boys night out, guy movie, and laundry service are a few suggestions to get you started. Instruct your mate to redeem them at a time of his choosing.

Human fondue

Purchase chocolate syrup, frosting, fruit, and whip cream from the grocery store and have an imaginative night of foreplay.

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Valentines Day Ideas for Men on a Budget

According to Dr. Travis Stork, the benefits of being in love include fewer doctor visits, faster healing, less depression, less substance abuse, lower blood pressure, less anxiety, fewer colds, longer life and of course, a happier life. By these measures, love is a cure for everything. If this is the case, why is it so hard to make love work? One recent survey concludes that nine out of ten women just want to feel special on Valentines Day. If there is no argument that Valentines Day is the official holiday of romance, then one can assume that in order to make love work you must, at all times, treat your mate as if she is the most precious gem in the world.

At work delivery

Even when occurring on a weekend, not many people enjoy the luxury of having Valentines Day off from work. Women love to stand out amongst their friends and sending something to your mates workplace can have her churning with excitement and anticipation of seeing you later. Don’t stick to traditional flowers. Send something like an edible chocolate-dipped fruit bouquet, or a hand written poem delivered by singing telegram. Ensure that the moment she returns

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Throwing A Successful Party – 5 Essentials

Everyone, whether young, old, inexperienced, or shindig connoisseur, must adhere to a few rules when attempting to host a successful party. The most important of rules is to plan ahead. Make sure you have all of the necessities beforehand; toilet paper, plastic cups, ping pong balls, kegs, etc. Also, be sure to get an estimated body count for the party so you can plan accordingly. Remove any valuables from the common areas and lock the rooms you would like people to stay out of. Also, don’t be afraid to say “no” when females or friends ask for special treatment and want access to your private bedroom or bathroom. Once you let one person do it, you’ll have to tend to every other friend’s request for the duration of your party. That being said, never throw a party without these five party essentials.

1. Alcohol

Whether you drink or not, every party should at least offer alcohol. A little bit of booze can go a long way when it comes to getting your guests to relax and make new friends.

2. Music

If you don’t keep up with the latest music trends, get a friend to act as DJ or bring an iPod. If you have any musical instruments make sure they are accessible. Impromptu jam sessions can be key to a killer bash.

3. Activities

Make sure there is always some sort of entertainment or activity that your guests can participate in. No one likes to stand in a room full of strangers and feel forced into potentially awkward conversations. Games like beer pong, flip cup, dice, and cards can overcome any problematic guy to girl ratios and are great ways to help your guests interact with each other. Competition and teamwork will bring your guests together, allowing them to interact without much effort or personal disclosure.

4. Bathroom Accessibility and Other Necessities

Bathroom lines can put a major damper on any party or gathering and so can a lack of toilet paper. Make sure you have both of these covered well before hosting a party somewhere. Also, try and keep an eye out for vomiting guests. They can not only cause a serious mess, but can potentially hold up your bathroom for lengthy periods of time.

5. Snacks

Even if you can only serve saltines, snacks are a must have. Snacks will not only keep the designated drivers occupied, but will provide intoxicated guests some much needed sustenance. It’s also a good idea to pick up some kind of non-alcoholic beverage for those who don’t drink or are trying to sober up.

Honorable Mention: Party Themes

Some people will argue that having a theme is a necessity for every successful party. Many will agree that some of the most momentous parties are themed; however, not everyone likes to play dress up.

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