Month: May 2010 Volunteer Tourism – Free Summer Vacation?

Single passenger round-trip airfare to Florida…$745. Two week hotel stay…$980. Three square meals a day for two weeks…$320. Taking your entire family on a summer vacation where they learn new skills and having the whole trip paid for by someone else…Priceless. This is the attitude of an increasing group of people known as immersion travelers.

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Cruise Vacations On a Budget: Alternative to Traditional Family Vacations

No matter the worlds economic state, vacation from the grinds of daily life will always be a welcomed pleasure, and cruise vacations can be exhilarating and cost-effective if planned correctly. One of the most enticing factors of a cruise vacation is that the majority of your mandatory costs will come from booking the cruise itself, and you may not have to worry about any other expenses except for travel to the port. Factors such as timing and fees are important to consider before swiping the credit card.

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