Month: September 2010

This Week On The Web: How to Negotiate a Low Car Price


Check out these 12 relatively unknown websites that can help save you money in all sorts of different aspects of your life.

23 Things Beginners Absolutely Must Know About Saving for Retirement – By David Weliver

Saving money towards retirement can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t know where to start.  This article will help young adults with planning for the future.

How to systematically negotiate a low car price – By Car Negotiation Coach

Take the guessing work out of haggling for a lower price when purchasing a car.  Simply follow these steps to insure you get a good deal!

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Inexpensive Gifts For the Writer in Your Life

September is Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month. It is great that editors and writers have their own month of acknowledgment; however, the appreciation for writers is something that should be shown all throughout the year, month to month, day by day. Writers are educators. Writers make a habit of reading not only to stay informed on world events but in order to inform others of things that are not necessarily common knowledge. Writers are the worlds experts. Writers lead the fight against wrong doing by exposing corruption and tyranny. Writers write not because it pays well, but because it makes them feel good. Writers are the unsung heroes of the human race.

Most writers may not feel comfortable being

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This Week On The Web : This First Post

Every week, features different articles we’ve found on the web to help expand not only one’s mind, body and soul but hopefully their wallet as well.  Don’t forget to SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER and get these links sent to your inbox for free!

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Budget Cooking 101: Toasted Tomato and Basil

A quick and easy appetizer, or afternoon snack, for people on a budget.

Olive oil
Dried basil
Finely chopped or Minced garlic
Roma tomatoes
French baguette
Mozzarella cheese

YouTube Preview Image

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