Month: March 2011 Book Review – Don’t Buy the Bull

We’ve been intently following a few of the personal finance gurus over the last month in an attempt to not only gauge the current state of the economy, but also to find a common ground of advice that we all should take into consideration when deciding to spend, invest or save. After comparing the rantings and recommendations of several different “experts,” it’s no wonder that people are so confused and uncertain what to do or not do.

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Week On The Web: 10 DIY Dog Toys

10 DIY Dog Toys You Can Make for Pennies – By Paul Michael

If you are a fellow pet owner, you probably know it doesn’t matter which store you shop at for dog toys the price is always the same, too much.  This statement holds even more weight if you have a dog that seems to enjoy ripping their recently purchased presents to shreds as quickly as possible.  Paul Michael was kind enough to write this article explaining ten different dog toys you can make yourself for very little money.

How to Take a Power Nap – By Michael Breus, Ph.D

It is surprising to find that even though sleep is so detrimental to a person’s health, it is commonly neglected by the masses. Problem many people will come across, however, is that a lack of sleep can affect a person’s learning ability, memory, metabolism and ability to focus. An easy way to try and offset a late night is to try and fit a quick nap into your workday.  Here are 10 tips on how to fall quickly asleep and keep you performing at your peak with a powernap.


Why pay someone to perform a task that you can do yourself?  Not only can you save money by practicing these DIY tips but you’ll also learn some valuable skills that are sure to come handy down the road. features free tutorials on ways to increase the value in your home/office by doing all of the renovations yourself.


Honorable Mentions:

How to Stock a Home Bar on the Cheap – By Kira at TipHero

Money Tips for College Students – By Kimberly Palmer

How to Financially Educate Your Children – By Nora Dunn

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Week On The Web: Ways To Use Less Gas

Ways to Use Less Gas (That Go Beyond the Obvious) – By Erin Huffstetler

The cost of gas these days has got everyone trying to think of ways to save money. Erin from tells you some ways to stretch your gas tank you may not have thought of before.  Try to avoid using restaurant drive-thrus and talking on the phone to curb wasted gas spent idling. It’s also good to just park farther away rather than wasting time and money circling around the parking lot and you should avoid driving during peak hours all together if possible so you don’t waste gas dealing with traffic.

10 Tips to Save Money on Food – By Tracy at Moneyning

There seems to be an endless amount of ways you can save money on food/cooking once you actually start looking and the baller on a budget in me wants to learn each and every one of them. Limiting portion size can be a quick and easy way to save some cash. You can also use the leftovers for lunch the next day so you avoid spending money on eating out.  Try to keep your fridge organized and clean, this will help you to avoid wasting any food to spoiling and also help you keep a better inventory for coupon cutting. For these tips and more check out the rest of the article.

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter (Personality Quiz) –

Help understand your own self better by taking this easy yet in-depth personality quiz. The Keirsey Temperament Sorter is one of the most widely used personality instruments in the world and has been featured in multiple best selling books.  Simply answer 70 questions by choosing one of only two options and you’ll be able to tell which of the four temperaments your personality most resembles and read a description. Warning: The initial test is 100% Free but the site will offer more detailed reports for a fee.


Honorable Mentions:

Five Common Money Mistakes to Avoid – By Frank at

First Time Home Buyer Tips and Guide – By Oscar

60 Ways To Make Life Simple Again – Marc and Angel

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Week On The Web: How to Want Less

How to Want Less – By Selena Maranjian

I think anyone attempting to live a frugal lifestyle knows that there is a difference between wants and needs. In this article Selena discusses ways to help you save money by wanting less. By avoiding things such as catalogs, email subscriptions to stores and TV commercials you can help avoid urges to buy unnecessary things and strengthen your personal discipline. Another helpful tip is to take inventory of your current possessions, keeping note of all the junk you have accumulated and also the stuff that you truly appreciate.

55 Best Ways to Save Money: Frugal Ideas From Our Readers – By Silicone Valley Blogger

When the Wise Bread team held a giveaway for their book “10,001 Ways To Live Large On A Small Budget” they challenged everyone to submit their “favorite money saving tip.” In the end, 55 submissions were chosen and featured in this article. From purchasing techniques like the “3 Day Rule” to lifestyle changes like canceling your cable TV and sticking to Netflix there are plenty of great money saving tips to incorporate into your own life.

20 Surefire Ways to Organize Your Life – By HL Clark

In today’s competitive work environment, your output isn’t judged solely on quality anymore but also quantity.  The more roles and tasks you take on, the more important it becomes to keep yourself organized.  In the article “20 Surefire Ways to Organize Your Life,” HL Clark writes a great to-do list on how to find a way to get your life organized that works for you.

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3 Simple Tips To Lower Your Energy Bill

If you have seen any of the “going green” television commercials lately, you probably realize that pollution and wasted energy are a far bigger problem than most people like to think. In the U.S., one household can produce up to 25,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.

In addition, energy bills can equal, or in a few cases even surpass, as much as $2,000. That’s a huge

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