Month: July 2011

Week On The Web: Get/Start A Job Edition

25 Awesome Websites to Help You Get a Job – By Meg Favreau

In today’s job market, you may have to put in some major effort to land a job that is desirable. Despite what the commercials tell you, there usually isn’t just one single website that you can visit to gather all of the information you need. When you do search for jobs online, I recommend looking through as many websites as possible until you’re satisfied or your search results become redundant.  I particularly like a site called Indeed, which has a special search engine designed the search the entire internet for job listings as opposed to a company that only shows you the things that were posted on their individual site.

Top 10 Interview Tips – By Alison Doyle

While efficient research and networking may be the key to landing that perfect job interview, it is ultimately what you do and say in that initial meeting that will decide whether you get the job or not. First of all, make sure you do your homework on the company and the job you’re going after and even practice beforehand so you feel adequately prepared. During the interview, try to ask a few intelligent questions about your potential employer’s goals/tasks for your position and what the biggest challenges are in your position to show them you mean business. Also, remember the term “dress for success” actually holds some weight when dealing with the job interview process. Even minor flaws in your resume can cast negative judgment about you so try to keep your resume on-point and only one page in length. Another very useful tip for those on the job hunt is to remember to send a follow up email or letter thanking the company for their time after the interview. I had a GM once that didn’t hire someone because they never sent her a thank you letter!

Guide To Writing a Business Plan – By Jerry Glen

Every great business starts out with an idea. Sometimes the success of getting a company off the ground depends on its owner’s ability to explain that idea on paper. This is especially so if your looking to get a loan or investor involved. Just like with grant writing, the quality of the document you’ll be submitting is key, so make sure you take the necessary time required and don’t be afraid to ask your peers for their opinions/advice. In this article, Jerry Glen will help get you started with writing your own business plan by asking you some important questions about your overall idea and strategy.

Starting a Business: Advice from the Trenches – By Kevin Potts

Making the leap into business ownership can be a daunting task, so it’s good to gather as much advice as possible beforehand. In this article, author Kevin Potts gives some great focus points for those looking to start their own company. Besides the initial business plan, you’ll need to tackle a variety of tasks such as filing for a fictitious name, hiring an accountant, acquiring funding to pay for the expenditures and much more.  Also be wary of initial startup costs. While getting your own building downtown may be nice, if you can setup an office in your own house for the first 6 months you can save a ton of cash.

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