What is a Baller?

Definition – UrbanDictionary.com – Baller On A Budget:

(A phrase used as a noun overall) An individual who seamlessly combines the social attributes of a “baller” (one who demonstrates a dispensable income at social gatherings which automatically leads to popularity and desirability with both the male and female members of any given social group in any given social situation) and a budget-minded individual who aspires to achieve a similar level of popularity and desirability without having a dispensable income on hand.

BallersOnBudgets.com is phase 1 of a three phase project that will educateĀ  and share tips on how to stay socially active while pinching pennies. We encourage you to share your own tips. As well, we ask that you share this resource with other ballers. If you would like a sneak peak into phase 2 of the Ballers On Budgets project click here to read the latest draft of Ballin on A Budget – The Book Proposal.

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