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Let’s be honest, today’s pop-culture judges you on the way you look, rather than the person you are inside. With respect to those that don’t judge others on looks, I will admit that beauty alone will not get you to baller status unless your chosen career path is in the modeling industry. Sadly, the fact still remains that your chances of being accepted into any social clique significantly increases if you have socially appealing looks. Achieving what others may call beauty is challenging, no matter the amount of your budget, and can be quite time consuming. Here are 8 tips to keep everyone, regardless of gender, beautiful, for less.

1) Find a professional that’s willing to barter

More than likely, you have something that another person can benefit from. Whether it’s a service or a product that you sell (or even make), trading it can be less expensive than paying money for beauty services. In order to find out what it is that you can barter, ask yourself one simple question:

‘If I was to start a home based business today, using only my current skills and knowledge, what would it be?’

I know that might sound like a hard question, but believe me, it’s not. Perhaps you’re a stay-at-home mom, wouldn’t your stylist love it if you watched her kids for a night? What hobbies do you have? Photography, jewelery making, wine making, playing in a band, mechanical work? All of these translate into something that can be bartered for not only beauty services, but a host of other favors that ballers on a budget may need as well.

2) Keep your stylist informed of the competition

No matter your geographical location, I’m sure there are an abundance of beauty service providers. If by chance you can’t barter and must pay, inform your stylist of any lower prices from local competition. It’s very likely that you will be given the lower price just to keep you coming back.

3) Go to beauty school

This has got to be, by far, the most cost effective way to stay beautiful on a budget. Not only are there grants and loans that most qualify for in order to attend beauty school, but you then gain the knowledge and experience to keep yourself beautiful for the rest of your life at the most minimal of costs. Furthermore, beauty school can (and probably will) develop into self-employment, paying off any money that you may have borrowed. As well, supplying beauty services for others can supply you with products at no cost.

4) Find a semi-professional

In this context, a semi-professional is defined as someone that knows the art of beauty, however, doesn’t currently have a job as a stylist. Not only can you barter with a semi-pro, but they will likely work for just tips as long as you supply the products.

5) Try every sample you can get your hands on

Not only can you find samples of perfumes, lotions, and shampoos in magazine advertisements, you can also get them directly from distributors in your local mall. A lot of times these samples are in a basket next to the beauty counter. If you don’t see any, ask the associate. All they can say is ‘no.’ As well, samples of additional products from a manufacture are sometimes packaged with their best selling products. Keep an eye out for these when purchasing your beauty needs.

6) Don’t get everything done at once

I know it may sound appealing that the salon gives a discount when purchasing two or more services, however, if your eyebrows can wait a couple weeks, wait.

7) Purchase from home-based business cosmetic distributors

There are many out there, Mary Kay, L ‘Bel Paris, Avon, the list goes on. A quick Internet search can locate a distributor in your market. Tell him or her, that you’d like to host beauty parties for them. You invite your friends, and they’ll recruit others. Make it a monthly get-together and I’m positive that the distributor will be gracious enough to give you a significant discount or even free products. Who knows, it may even turn into an opportunity for you to make some cash, while staying beautiful on a budget.

8) Make Your Own Products

I realize that this may sound time consuming, especially for the baller on a budget with a socially active lifestyle. However, you can save a ton of money making your own beauty products and, again, it can become a cash cow if you decide you like it. Furthermore, making your own beauty products can be better for your skin and hair than some leading brands purchased in stores. There are a plethora, however, one book worth purchasing is Organic Body Care Recipes by Stephanie Tourles. Alternately, you can find 15 recipes for beauty products that you can whip up in your kitchen here.

Keeping yourself beautiful does not have to be expensive. Think creatively and never act in haste. If you know you have an important dinner in a week, or prom next month, you should already be thinking about how to freshen your skin, hair, and nails. Waiting until the last minute will cause you to spend more than necessary. Just remember, when you do find a stylist that fits into your budget, don’t forget to spread the word, they love referrals.

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