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Savings.com: Book Review – Don’t Buy the Bull

We’ve been intently following a few of the personal finance gurus over the last month in an attempt to not only gauge the current state of the economy, but also to find a common ground of advice that we all should take into consideration when deciding to spend, invest or save. After comparing the rantings and recommendations of several different “experts,” it’s no wonder that people are so confused and uncertain what to do or not do.

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3 Simple Tips To Lower Your Energy Bill

If you have seen any of the “going green” television commercials lately, you probably realize that pollution and wasted energy are a far bigger problem than most people like to think. In the U.S., one household can produce up to 25,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.

In addition, energy bills can equal, or in a few cases even surpass, as much as $2,000. That’s a huge

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Put Your Money Where Your Marriage Is

Men and women have always kept secrets from their spouse. Among the many secrets kept, money, sex and secrets about family are the most common. Our friends at Deals.com have produced this infographic to illustrate the lack of communication between couples and how it has gotten worse over the years.

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Press Release: Ballers On Budgets Gives To The Homeless

Help Ballers On Budgets increase their Twitter followers and support a good cause. Through the end of February (or until we reach 10,000 – whichever comes first) we will donate one custom t-shirt to the homeless and one custom t-shirt to a follower** for every 100 followers that we receive. To qualify to win, follow us and retweet our press release. Use the hashtag #BOB.

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Save Up 2010: A Visual Experience

Our friends at Savings.com have put together a video that highlights Save Up 2010, a convention of DealPros gathered together to network and learn new techniques and strategies in marketing, SEO and saving money. Since the convention, many DealPros have

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Infographic: Smoking Your Money Away

Is 2011 your year to quit smoking? Our friends at Deals.com examined the health benefits of kicking the habit and tracked the money you’ll save. The cost of smoking affects your health, your finances, and

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