Dating On A Budget: Keeping Your Mate Interested Year Round – PART 2

dating2It’s a proven fact that the lower a person’s self-esteem, the less likely they are to find and keep an intimate partner. As well, recent studies have sited lack of success among the top five reasons associated with low self-esteem. If you ask ten different people to define success, you will get ten different answers, and rightfully so. Success is relative to the person defining it. With this understood, would it be incorrect to say that many associate the size of their bank account with success? How many times have you told yourself that some hot body was out of your league? What was your true motivation for believing that? Only you will ever know. However, regardless of how much money you have, unconditional love can be achieved. Here are a few ideas for having intimate fun while spending less.

Take On A New Hobby Or Skill

Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to learn something while truly getting to know someone. Together, you and your date should discuss and research hobbies or interests that you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t. It’s important that neither of you know an extensive amount about the subject so that you can grow together, mentally. Remember, the point of ballin’ on a budget is to spend the least amount of money, while having the most fun, so keep that in mind. Try spending the day learning to make bird calls, collecting shells or crystals, learning magic tricks, or even sign language. As long as it’s interesting, dating on a budget can be fun.

Bring Back Game Night

What ever happened to this? At the risk of revealing my age, do you remember the Twister parties of the 1980s? I sure do. Invite one or two more couples to join you. Better yet, make it a semi-monthly event and take turns hosting it at different houses. If Twister doesn’t interest you, I’m sure you can find a plethora of board games at your local dollar store. Throw in a few cheap hors d’oeuvres and you’ve got a pretty fun date.

Participate in Sports

This doesn’t have to be an activity exclusive to athletic individuals. Perhaps there’s a nearby park with a Frisbee Golf course. If not, just toss the Frisbee around an open field. Play a game of Horse. A serious game of basketball certainly takes skill and athleticism, but a friendly game of Horse does not. If you and your date does happen to be in shape, take a jog, play a set of tennis, or go roller blading. Participating in sports with your mate is an excellent way of getting to know someone, while spending less, and getting exercise.

Create A Collage Or Memory Album

More than likely, you, or your mate, already have a digital camera. If not, get a cheap disposable. Decide on a couple of locations to explore and take photos together. You can even go the extra mile and make it a themed day. Wear clothing that coincides with your planned adventure and take along a lunch cooler or basket to ensure you spend the minimal amount on food or drinks. When finished, drop the pictures off at the nearest 1-hour processor. While they’re being developed, stop by the local Mart and pick up a couple of inexpensive collage frames and double sided tape. Then, spend the rest of the evening trimming the pictures and making two collages, one for each of you.

Dating on a budget can be fun and educational. The size of your bank account should not stop you from exploring who you are individually and finding a mate that compliments you. Remember, if your mate can’t understand your situation, he or she is not the one for you.

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