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Week On The Web: Get/Start A Job Edition

25 Awesome Websites to Help You Get a Job – By Meg Favreau

In today’s job market, you may have to put in some major effort to land a job that is desirable. Despite what the commercials tell you, there usually isn’t just one single website that you can visit to gather all of the information you need. When you do search for jobs online, I recommend looking through as many websites as possible until you’re satisfied or your search results become redundant.  I particularly like a site called Indeed, which has a special search engine designed the search the entire internet for job listings as opposed to a company that only shows you the things that were posted on their individual site.

Top 10 Interview Tips – By Alison Doyle

While efficient research and networking may be the key to landing that perfect job interview, it is ultimately what you do and say in that initial meeting that will decide whether you get the job or not. First of all, make sure you do your homework on the company and the job you’re going after and even practice beforehand so you feel adequately prepared. During the interview, try to ask a few intelligent questions about your potential employer’s goals/tasks for your position and what the biggest challenges are in your position to show them you mean business. Also, remember the term “dress for success” actually holds some weight when dealing with the job interview process. Even minor flaws in your resume can cast negative judgment about you so try to keep your resume on-point and only one page in length. Another very useful tip for those on the job hunt is to remember to send a follow up email or letter thanking the company for their time after the interview. I had a GM once that didn’t hire someone because they never sent her a thank you letter!

Guide To Writing a Business Plan – By Jerry Glen

Every great business starts out with an idea. Sometimes the success of getting a company off the ground depends on its owner’s ability to explain that idea on paper. This is especially so if your looking to get a loan or investor involved. Just like with grant writing, the quality of the document you’ll be submitting is key, so make sure you take the necessary time required and don’t be afraid to ask your peers for their opinions/advice. In this article, Jerry Glen will help get you started with writing your own business plan by asking you some important questions about your overall idea and strategy.

Starting a Business: Advice from the Trenches – By Kevin Potts

Making the leap into business ownership can be a daunting task, so it’s good to gather as much advice as possible beforehand. In this article, author Kevin Potts gives some great focus points for those looking to start their own company. Besides the initial business plan, you’ll need to tackle a variety of tasks such as filing for a fictitious name, hiring an accountant, acquiring funding to pay for the expenditures and much more.  Also be wary of initial startup costs. While getting your own building downtown may be nice, if you can setup an office in your own house for the first 6 months you can save a ton of cash.

Honorable Mentions:

How to Get Going on a Grant Application – By

Warning About Grant Scams – whynotenterprises

Leadership 101: How to Command Respect Through Body Language – By Inside CRM Editors

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Week On The Web: Vacations, Inner Reflection and Fishing

Eight Ways to Stretch Your Vacation Dollar – By

Being that it is summertime and the height of vacation & tourist season, the first piece of advice I would give you to save a bunch of money on your next trip would be to wait until fall. I do understand that with kids, teaching jobs etc that a lot of people need a vacation and they only have a month or so left to have one.  This article offers some great ideas on how to save some cash while you’re out having fun. For starters, try and go for the free souvenirs like seashells and collect photos and ticket stubs. You can easily turn a walk on the beach into a seashell hunting competition or make a collage with all the stubs, menus and photos from your vacation and make it with your loved ones when you get back. Also try to take advantage of any free festivals, museums/libraries or other noteworthy landmarks that are nearby and pack a lunch for everyone to avoid spending money in a restaurant.

50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind – By Freedom Unplugged

Remember, true ballers on budgets work on their mental strength & personality as well as their spending habits.  Reflect on your inner you and possibly gain a new perspective by asking yourself these fifty questions. Take the time to answer each one honestly, write down your answers if it helps you focus.  Pick the ones that mean something to you and save them to go back and reflect on at a later time. You can even print them out and stick them someplace you know you’ll see. Creating your own daily/weekly affirmations can prove to be a very helpful way to keep yourself determined to achieving your goals in life.

10 Tips to Get Cheap Cruise Tickets – By

Being a Florida native, I can personally attest that cruises can be an awesome and fairly cost effective way to spend a vacation. That is of course if you know what you’re doing. (Read my article on cruises vacations on a budget HERE) It is important to remember that you’re initial purchase of the cabin(s) is not only your ticket onto the boat but also the cost of 2/3 of your trip.  While scouring the internet for bargains can be important, try taking the best quotes you find to multiple travel agents and make sure you’re getting all of the discounts and extras possible. Travel Agents also usually get better prices because they purchase so many trips at volume and are more likely to come down on the price once they have a target to beat.  If you can get all of your friends and family together, you can purchase multiple cabins at a bulk discounted rate. You should also try to book your own airline tickets and offshore excursions for a cheaper route.

Money Saving Tips for Bass Fishing – By Carol Ochs

For those of you looking to get out and get some fishing done this summer, don’t fret, there are plenty of ways to go fishing on a budget. For starters ditch “the bigger the boat, the bigger the catch” mentality. Large boats not only cost a lot of money, but will burn fuel quickly.  Some other useful tips are trying to catch your own bait or make your own tackle. You can also save some cash by getting a couple friends together and buying all of your fishing line at once in bulk. Another neat tip was to only change part of your line by using a heavy line for your backing and then attaching the line of your choice using a uni-knot.

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Week On The Web: Father’s Day Edition

 Top 8 Frugal Father’s Day Gift Ideas – By Erin Huffstetler

Father’s Day isn’t about expensive gifts, but about showing the dad(s) in your life that you appreciate them. What better way to show dad you care than by giving him a “day off” by completing all of his chores or by making him a week’s worth of special lunches and presenting him with a certificate. If you’re planning on eating out, make sure to do your research as many restaurants will hold special father’s day sales where dad can eat free. Another great gift for dad could be to help him clear his clutter by giving his car a full detailing, cleaning out the garage or by organizing his office. You might be surprised as to how big of an impact tasks like these can have on relieving someone of stress, and that sounds like a kick ars Father’s Day present to me. Check out more of Erin’s Tips by clicking on the link.

Father’s Day Crafts – By CraftsKaboose

Whether you are looking for gift ideas the kids can give dad or are feeling a little creative yourself, check out these awesome homemade crafts. With multiple to sift through, Crafts Kaboose gives you numerous options. Try to pick the crafts that remind you of your dad’s personality and also has a list of required materials that fits your budget.  I especially liked the car nut frame, the denim mp3player pouch and the personalized BBQ Apron. If your dad is “Mr. Fix It”, check out the monogram painted hammer or if he’s more of a brainiac, I recommend going with the customizable Father’s Day crossword and word searches. Crafts are a fun and efficient way to give dad a gift that he will surely remember you by.

How to Turn Your Beer Into A Cup – MensHealth

First off all, we’d like to thank to one of our stumbleupon followers, pupdave, for sharing this with us.  If your dad is a fan of kicking back cold ones, why not make him a set of glasses made from his favorite beer bottles?  In this clever Men’s Health instructional video, you are shown how to make some neat looking glass cups with a just piece of rope, some lighter fluid and some sandpaper. Simply pick up some of Dad’s favorite beers or maybe a cool collection of imported or micro-brewed ones and you’ve found yourself a very creative and inexpensive Father’s Day present.

Just Tell Me What to Buy – Sour from Ballers On Budgets

If you’re running short on time this Father’s Day and just need to pickup something quick, here are a few items you can find for fairly cheap price in many major stores. Also, don’t forget to pickup the Sunday newspaper to take advantage of any Father’s Day sales going on.

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Week On The Web: Summer on a Budget Edition

5 Cheap BBQ Ideas – By Yelena Johnson

Hosting a barbeque at your home for your family/friends is a ballin summer tradition that can be a quite costly endeavor if you’re not careful. If you’re throwing an alcoholic party, serve beer instead of liquor and buy it in bulk. One quick and easy tip is to skip buying a ton of disposable plates, cups and flatware and just serve your normal glassware. If you decide you can afford to provide the food, try not to obsess over pleasing everyone’s palate and only offer 1 or 2 selections of meat. If you’re strapped on cash, don’t be shy to ask your family and friends to bring the sides, drinks or even their own meat for the grill.

9 Summer Activities on a Budget – By Buttoned Up

Summer fun doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, check out these fun and practically free tips to enjoy the warm weather without spending a chunk of cash.  Own a tarp? Well that and some soap is pretty much all you need to make your own slip n slide. Take advantage of the outdoors and go hiking, take a trip to the beach or organize a camping trip with your friends.  You could also take the time to learn a new skill, read some new books or even volunteer some time to give back to your community.

6 Best Things to Buy in June – By Kira @ TipHero

With father’s day sales in high abundance for the earlier part of June, there are a lot of tools, paint and other home improvement items for the taking if you are in the market. This is also traditionally the best month of the year to buy suits and other male formalwear.  When planning your grocery lists, make sure to take into account which fruits and veggies are in season to get some great bargains and some really fresh produce.

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Week On The Web: Five Gas Saving Myths



Five Gas Saving Myths – by Miranda Marquit

With the price of gas at or near an all time high, there are a lot of bogus gas tips out there that actually won’t make a difference in the gas tank.  Two of the biggest gas saving myths is that fuel additives which you add to your tank and special devices you add to your fuel line actually benefit your mileage.  At the NAFA’s 2010 Institute & Expo, Windsor police held a demonstration which released 2 years worth of research and experimentation on fuel boosters and showed that they make little to no difference. The writer of the article “Five Gas Saving Myths”, Marinda Marquit, also points out that filling up your car when its cooler outside and commonly switching out your air filter are some other examples of regularly mistaken gas saving tips.

41 Tips to Bootstrap Your Way to Success – By Dr. Shannon Reece

Here’s a great article for those looking to create or better manage their own company, featuring 41 business owners and their biggest tips for stretching your dollar. Some great marketing ideas for getting the word out about your company include charity raffles, promotional partnerships and startup sales. The use of Google analytics will also come in handy when you are deciding on website names, ads using search engines and more. Marketing though social networking is a detrimental to a lot of businesses, just make sure to think wisely before dropping the cash for Facebook ads etc. There are many other ways, such as creative contests, which will help you spread the word without costing you and arm and a leg.

How to save $1000 – By Tracy on Coupon Shoebox

While some will say that having an emergency fund capable of covering 3 months worth of expenses is best, others claim that stashing away a thousand bucks should suffice for most issues that may pop up. Some tips for collecting cash including going through all of your closets, clothes and other personal items and sell everything you can.  To get the most bang for your buck, try to sell your bulky items through craiglist and your high ticket items, like electronics and designer jeans, through ebay. Some other good tips in this article include cutting all unnecessary subscription services, going on a “spending diet” and of course getting a second part-time job.


Honorable Mentions:

7 Smart Wedding Tips From William and Kate – By

5 Tips for Eating Well on a Budget – By Purebar

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Week On The Web: Mother’s Day Edition

 Free Mother’s Day ECards – By All 4

Check out this awesome website which features 100% Free Mother’s Day ECARDS. Not only can you customize the text, font etc there’s no required signups or pay later obligations.

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas  – By Lee on The Pioneer Woman

If you haven’t gotten anything for mom yet it’s not too late!  Lee writes in this article some awesome gift ideas for mom. Two of my favorites were getting mom two movie ticket certificates and a planted rosebush.  If you’re looking to drop some cash, ereaders are a big to-do this year. A batch of homemade treats was also a good idea. Just remember that the most important part of mother’s day is showing them you care, and that isn’t based on how much money you spend.

Free Business Cards – By Vistaprint

If the mom in your life has a side project or maybe has a gift for something like baking or creating scrapbooks, why not get her some FREE business cards.  This will not only get her started in the right direction but also show her you pay attention and appreciate her talent.  Take a screenshot and print it out a picture of the customized business care and include it with a Mother’s Day Card or email it to her since she won’t actually be able to get the cards that day.

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Week On The Web: How to Effectively Network and Find Hidden Jobs

How to Effectively Network and Find Hidden Jobs – By Bryan Ray

You don’t have to be a person of faith to understand the useful job hunting tips that founder Bryan Ray from the Christian based Crossroads Career Network has to offer. In his short video on how personal referrals can find you hidden jobs, Bryan says that only 15% of jobs that get filled are actually listed.  It is important to ask everyone you know that you are looking for a job, have a quick pitch of what kind of job you are looking for and see if they can refer you to anyone that will point you in the right direction.

Look At Yourself After Watching This – By Nick Vujicic

Check out this truly inspirational 4 minute youtube video of a public speaker named Nick Vujicic, a man born without any legs or arms. In this short clip he speaks about overcoming obstacles and appreciating life, two things every baller on a budget should be able to appreciate. You can also CLICK HERE to read more about Nick Vujicic.

6 Ways to Save Like an Extreme Couponer – By TipHero

Believe it or not, coupons are still as big of a way to save in 2011 as they were ten years ago. The biggest thing is to start small and ease your way into the coupon cutting game. Its important to realize that coupons are aimed at getting you to try different products, so remember to only purchase the things you need and to stay open minded in trying different brands and products. One major tip when shopping with coupons is to try and only shop the sales by making bi-weekly or even weekly trips to the grocery store.

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