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Top 6 Money Making Moves To Be Considered In 2011

How much money does an average American family make in a year? The answer to this most important question serves as a key in measuring the state of our present economy. According to a recent survey, the average American household income is $47,327. Those families that have dual earners make $68,349 a year. Meanwhile, the media delivers conflicting news. One report states that the recession is over, yet there is a dwindling economic lethargy that is still continuing in the U. S. With almost 14.9 million Americans unemployed, more and more people are trying to make money in order to tackle their dire financial straits.

American Internet usage is increasing, and the Internet has become a widespread platform for making money. Be aware and stay clear of scam companies. Instead, do what many successful Americans do to earn money and boost their savings when going through adverse financial circumstances.

1. Start a part time business from home:
You don’t have to invest

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Taxes on a Budget – The Cardinal Rule

A recent questionnaire directed to a group of tax professionals revealed that some of the most overlooked tax deductions are moving expenses, non-reimbursed employee expenses, medical miles driven to the doctor, job hunting expenses, sales tax on new vehicle purchases and the various credits given to tax payers each year such as the earned income credit, residential energy credit, and the child and dependent care credit. In addition, each year brings new tax regulations or changes to existing regulations.

For example, the 2009 tax season brought about three specific new credits which many have never heard of:
-The Making Work Pay Credit
-The American Opportunity Credit
-The Plug-In Electric Vehicle Credit

If this is your first time learning of these tax credits, you probably shouldn’t be doing your taxes without the help of a professional. Ricky Pritchard, an Enrolled Agent (EA) licensed to practice before all divisions

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