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Fabulous & Frugal: Stretch Your Holiday Party Budget

Use What You’ve Got in More Ways than One

Throwing a festive holiday get together can become a pricey endeavor if you’re not careful. The cost of all the food, drinks and decorations can really sock a punch to your holiday budget. But don’t worry – there is NO reason why you can’t have a fabulous bash without spending a fortune. Stretch your party budget to the max by getting resourceful and creating the ultimate Fab & Fru party experience for both you and your guests!

Use What You’ve Got!

The key to decorating is to MULTI TASK every element of your party. From edible decor to transforming everyday items that you already have at home into decorations, you can get the party started WITHOUT spending a bundle!

Wrap Your Table Like a Present

If you have wrapping paper remnants lying around, don’t let them go to waste! Use them to design a festive table cloth instead. Just create a runner with a longer piece of wrapping paper, and then use the smaller pieces and scraps to create a unique collage of different colors, patterns, metallics, trees, Santas, or whatever combination you fancy. Use ribbon and tape a bow to the front of the table to really put the finishing touch on your gifty design!

Create an Edible Decor Dessert Bar

Instead of having a savory cocktail party with tons of pricey hors d’ouvres, theme your celebration around dessert instead. And the good news is- there’s no

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In the U.S. we love our holidays. Any reason to take off from work and gather as friends around a grill with a couple adult beverages in hand is a good enough reason. And in every calendar month, except August, we have a legal U.S holiday–or other good enough excuse–to take off from work and get drunk.

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Inexpensive Gifts For the Writer in Your Life

September is Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month. It is great that editors and writers have their own month of acknowledgment; however, the appreciation for writers is something that should be shown all throughout the year, month to month, day by day. Writers are educators. Writers make a habit of reading not only to stay informed on world events but in order to inform others of things that are not necessarily common knowledge. Writers are the worlds experts. Writers lead the fight against wrong doing by exposing corruption and tyranny. Writers write not because it pays well, but because it makes them feel good. Writers are the unsung heroes of the human race.

Most writers may not feel comfortable being

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Father’s Day on a Budget – Make It Personal

Don’t let a low bank account get you down this Father’s Day. There are plenty of thoughtful gift alternatives that can show dad you care without spending a lot of money. The good thing about holidays such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is that the quality of the gift comes more from the amount of thought you put into it rather than the amount of money you spend.

One of the best ways to make dad feel loved and appreciated is to think about what he likes to do with his free time then find a way to either enjoy it with him or give a gift that will help him enjoy his free time more. Be creative. If you don’t have money to purchase dad tickets to a sporting event, spend a couple hours bargain shopping for sports clothing and memorabilia. If you can’t afford that new tech toy dad’s been talking about, purchase him a subscription to a gadget magazine, or buy him an accessory to one of his current toys instead.

The most important thing to remember is that the best gift decision comes from within, only you have the power to make it

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