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Black Friday: The Best Time to Christmas Shop – Myth or Truth?

Black Friday marks the official start of the Christmas shopping season. According to Wikipedia, the term dates back to 1966; however, has become common since 2000. Over the last decade many have become skeptical of Black Friday and the supposed deals that are offered by retailers, leading many to ask if Black Friday is truly the best time to shop for holiday gifts or merely an advertising campaign aimed at getting people through the doors.

“I love Black Friday shopping,” says Jennie Sanford of Bargain Blessings. “But it is important

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Prom On A Budget: Think Outside the Box

Anyone that has experienced the preparations required for prom, or any other elegant event, knows that the related costs can be quite high. Prom season is a time when teenagers are full of excitement, while their parents minds are preoccupied with calculating the financial burden involved. Clothing, accessories, grooming and transportation costs can really add up unless you stay both informed and open minded. When planning out your prom to-do list, challenge yourself to think outside-the-box.

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Grocery Shopping On A Budget – 5 Actions You Should Apply Today


Let’s admit the obvious. Times are hard. From the highest government official to the freshman college student, everyone is looking for areas in their life where they can “cut back” on spending. The fact remains, we must eat to survive, and ballers on a budget love to eat good. There’s nothing wrong with that, however, over-spending and overeating can lead to a multitude of problems which I can’t get into with the space provided. Alternately, here are 5 things you need to start practicing now in order to gain control of over-spending on food.

1) Make A List

It may not seem baller to be walking around the grocery store with a list in your hand, however, admitting that you don’t have the best memory in the world and doing

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