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Gas On A Budget – 3 Keys To Spending Less As Prices Go Up


Petroleum… a natural resource that literally changed the world of transportation. It has also become to source of our dependance and despise. Once powerless countries are now thriving metropolises because of the value of petroleum and the power that comes with it… and was there really anything we could do about it?  Unless you live in a city where you can get around solely by public transportation… gas can be as important to your costs of living as food and electricity.  I mean how else are you supposed to get to work so you can pay the bills?

 Thus our dependence on oil severely limits our options when it comes to spending money on gas.  I’ve decided to steer clear of the most obvious and perhaps the most difficult changes you could make towards decreasing your need for gas (i.e. carpooling, riding a bike, buying a hybrid/smaller ride etc) and focus on the more practical methods.

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