Facebook Etiquette: 13 Things to Never Do On Social Networking Sites

Avoiding Facebook is like avoiding the plague these days. If your friends have it, you’re eventually going to get it too. The more interesting thing is, if you’re just now succumbing to Facebook, you’ve only been hurting your own social life.

Social networking sites are what you make them. Whether you take an “accept all friend requests” approach or choose to only communicate with a handful of close personal friends, sites like Facebook are a communication tool. They allow you to catch up with old acquaintances, keep in touch with current ones and so much more. As well, you can keep up-to-date with various local events that you would not have found out about otherwise.

In order to maintain “Baller” status, it’s important to keep up an active lifestyle or at the very least, the portrayal of one. Facebook is a great way to help you network and allow others to see everything you have your hands in. Keep your image up by adhering to these 13 no-no’s of social networking.

1. Written Rules

Yes, Facebook, Myspace and all of the other social networking sites have rules. Follow them. Things such as fake profiles are not allowed.

2. Double Wall Posting

Avoid writing two or more consecutive posts on another person’s wall. Let someone else post something before you take up any more of their space.

3. No Bogarting

Avoid having lengthy conversations involving numerous posts on other people’s walls or comments, especially if you’re not communicating with the person that originated the comment.

4. Don’t Friend Request

– your friends new girlfriend/boyfriend before actually meeting them. Talk about sending a wrong signal.

– your friends exes unless you know they are cool with it.

– random people unless you add a message explaining your intentions.

5. Upload a Picture

Question mark avatars are creepy.

6. Be Careful With Relationship Status

Don’t change your relationship status until you’ve actually broken it off (Facebook dumping is not cool) and watch the “single and ready to mingle” status updates for at least a week if you actually care about your ex.

7. Restrict Your Applications

Don’t let applications post so much stuff on your wall by restricting their settings. Most people do not want to see what new plant you grew on your whacky farm, what new animal you have at your imaginary zoo or whatever else today’s silly games are doing. If you are so bored that Facebook itself can no longer entertain you, log off or hide your happenings.

8. Unwanted Tagging

Don’t tag bad pictures of your friends. Better yet, don’t even upload them.

9. Courteous Chatting

After noticing someone log on, give them a minute or two before messaging them.

10. TMI (Too Much Info)

Control the frequency and details of your updates. Only celebrities can get away with annoyingly sharing the minute details of their day. Also, save the drama for your momma. This applies to both your own issues and others.

11. Private Conversations

Keep them just that, private! Certain conversations are meant to be in a message and its contents should not be shared with the public. “Baby I miss you so much. Can’t wait to be in your arms tonight and kiss you all over” is not something you should put on someone’s wall. Avoid things which may make others feel uncomfortable.

12. Don’t Accept or Join Everything

You’ll look like a scam artist, spammer or worse, an utter loser.

13, Do Not Double Poke

One poke gets the point across. Anymore and you’re having entirely too much fun with it.

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