Movies on a Budget: See Everything You Want for Cheap – PART 1


With movie prices as high as they are, paying to see a below par movie can be very frustrating. Some people have even stopped going to the theaters all together, as a means to cut costs. As a personal movie buff, I can attest that nothing beats a killer movie on the big screen. Furthermore, you can’t get an easier date setting… all you have to do is sit there. So, while I do encourage the use of Netflix and other money saving movie alternatives, here is the first installment of a two-part series aimed at helping add a little bit of the real BIG SCREEN back into your life.

Disclaimer: Some of the tips listed below may be frowned upon by the movie theater, so Ball at your own risk!

1. EAT BEFORE The sight and smell of fatty foods, especially buttery popcorn, can trigger your brain to bring on hunger. Everyone knows that hunger is not a friend of your budget, especially at a movie theater where everything is overpriced.

2. BRING YOUR OWN SNACKS Grab snacks at a gas station before you head to the theater.  For an even more financially sound option, plan ahead and buy them at a grocery or dollar store.

3. CHEAPER THEATERS Unless it’s a movie that you absolutely must see on the best screen with the biggest sound system possible, go to the smaller, cheaper theater. While you should make sure to take into consideration possible transportation and gas costs, saving a couple bucks a ticket sounds pretty appealing.

4. GET FREE TICKETS Become familiar with the radio stations and other media sources in your area. Movie theaters will often give them tickets for giveaways in return for mentions and exposure. Register for contests on radio websites and join their social networks to make sure you know when and where they are giving away tickets.

Many theaters will reward you for loyalty to their establishment via a “rewards program.” They are free to join and every time you go to their theater you accumulate points which can lead to some pretty sweet freebies; from popcorn to movie tickets.

6. DO YOUR RESEARCH One word, matinée. Who wants to go to a packed movie theater anyway? Be sure you know all of the specifics before making a decision to head to the movies. Going to an afternoon show can shave multiple dollars off of the ticket cost and put you in a theater all by yourself. As well, some theaters offer FREE showings of older movies during the summer, or a discount day each week. Also, lets not forget that Drive-Ins actually still exist in some areas. Make sure you are well informed.

7. DOLLAR MOVIES Go see that flick your friends have been telling you about. Some dollar theaters even pay extra to get movies sooner, so you can see a movie for $3 which would’ve cost you $9 a week earlier.

Getting out of the house is good for the psyche. You don’t have to break the bank in order to see a good flick on the big screen. Practice these tips and watch them as Ballers on Budgets do.

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  • 3 comments for “Movies on a Budget: See Everything You Want for Cheap – PART 1

    1. Woody
      November 23, 2009 at 8:08 pm

      Ballin. Almost makes me want to see New Moon. Almost. Keep up the good work for us poor pimps.

    2. Erin G.
      December 3, 2009 at 8:56 am

      I’m a huge movie buff myself, and I agree that sometimes nothing compares to seeing a flick on a big screen. Remember how AMC used to allow patrons to bring in any outside food, as long as it was “purchased at the mall”? To my chagrin, last week I went to see The Fourth Kind and noticed a large sign reading “Absolutely NO outside food or drink of any kind” at the entrance. I guess they finally realized how much money they’re losing… So, I suggest carrying a large purse/man bag to smuggle in your munchies :)

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