Movies on a Budget: See Everything You Want For Cheap – PART II


Hopefully by now you have already read PART I of this series on how to save money on going out to the movies.  If you haven’t… CLICK HERE

movies1“Why do YOU like/go to the movies?”  This was the question that I asked our B.O.B. facebook and twitter communities and I can’t say I was surprised by the responses.  The majority of people said they went to the theatre to escape.  At first I thought this was kind of a sad reason.  Were their lives really so bad?  Well maybe not. After further thought I realized these people have simply figured out that movies can be a great outlet for relieving stress, sparking their imagination and can even add a little excitement into their otherwise mundane and repetitive work schedules.

The other common response I received was that people went to the movies to spend time with their loved ones.  This is somewhat amusing to me because you don’t really communicate on any level while watching a movie with someone at a theatre (unless you’re just plain rude).  Whether or not you find the lack of talking to be a good thing probably depends on who you’re going to the movies with.  A lot of times things like personality, age, gender and many other factors become a barrier when trying to connect with fellow family members.

So why not escape reality with your loved ones by hitting up a movie every now and then?  Below are 8 more tips on how to save money doing so.

8. BUY IN BULK… Check the theatre to see if there are discounts for buying in bulk (Costco has been known for selling 5packs of tickets to Regal).  You could always charge your friends around normal price and get your ticket for free this way.

9.  COLLEGES… Check your local universities for special showings, a lot of them have their own theatre/club. You may not get in for free like the college kids, but they’ll surely let you in for a few bucks.

10. DON’T BUY THEATRE TICKETS ONLINE… watch for those extra charges websites tack on, unless you get the red carpet treatment and go to the front of the line you’re losing dolla dolla bills yall.

11. ASK ABOUT FREE SHOWINGS… Sometimes theatres will offer free showings of family/kids movies (in hopes you’ll come in and buy a lot of popcorn). I know in my current town they have free showings every Tuesday and Wednesday during the summer.

12. CARPOOL…  Save money on gas by hitching a ride with a friend rather than having everyone meet at the theatre.

13. KEEP YOUR EYE OUT FOR COUPONS… Sometimes newspapers and food companies will offer you free movie tickets/discounts as an attempt to get you to buy their product.  If it makes sense financially, do it!

14. BRING A FLASK… If you’re planning on having drinks at some point in the night sneaking in a flask can definitely lower the bar/restaurant bill and may even give you some points with your date for bravado.  Note: This is Illegal so be smooth and smuggle at your own risk. 
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15. IF YOU’RE REALLY LATE… ask the ticket attendant if there are any movie “no shows” and see if they could start it for you?  Note: this will only usually work for late weekday shows but I can personally attest to having pulled this one off and lets just say it made a great impression on my date ; )

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