Prom On A Budget: Think Outside the Box

Anyone that has experienced the preparations required for prom, or any other elegant event, knows that the related costs can be quite high. Prom season is a time when teenagers are full of excitement, while their parents minds are preoccupied with calculating the financial burden involved. Clothing, accessories, grooming and transportation costs can really add up unless you stay both informed and open minded. When planning out your prom to-do list, challenge yourself to think outside-the-box.

Clothing & Accessories

Shop Early : An easy way to save money on your tux or prom dress is to shop early. Often, there are Winter sales in January.

Discount Stores: Don’t let vanity cloud your frugal shopping habits. Visit the consignment shops, discount stores and search eBay. No one will know how much you spend for prom unless you tell them.

Rent: Estella Kallweit, an event planner for A Stellar Affair, advises that, “a lot of rental shops offer a deal where the groom gets a free tux when the groomsmen all rent from them.” Gather four friends and try to approach the tuxedo or dress shop with a similar offer and split the savings.

Borrow or Swap: Ask your friends and relatives to reveal what’s literally hiding in their closets. Girls will enjoy an afternoon dress swapping with friends. To swap online, visit, and


Beauty Schools: “Cosmetology schools often have rock-bottom prices for hair services,” suggests Estella. “Only advanced students get to work on clients, and they are always supervised by a licensed cosmetologist/instructor.”

Department Stores: Have your makeup done by a professional by visiting the cosmetics department in your favorite department store.


Party Bus : Instead of the traditional rented limo, rent a party bus. Team up with a bunch of your classmates to host a car wash, bake sale, or both. Then, find a local business willing to let you use their parking lot, water and hose. Use the money to pay for the bus rental and any related expenses and split any additional costs which could not be covered by the money raised.

Find a Chauffeur: Ask a family friend to drop you off and pick you up. In exchange for their services, offer to wash and detail their car a few days before the event. This will also ensure that you travel in a clean vehicle.

Remember, presentation is key when it comes to prom and other extravagant events; however, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a good impression.

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