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Drinking Alcohol On A Budget-13 Tips You Can’t Forget


Ahhhh Booze

. That magical concoction that whisks your worries away, lowers your social inhibitions and brings people together… well on a good night anyways. Let’s be real for a minute, unless you’re just horrible at talking to the opposite sex, Alcohol is NOT a necessity. It was always fun to joke with my friends back in college that food and other necessities came after we bought the keg/handle for that night’s debaucheries. It seems I had the Baller part down… the budget part, not so much.

So if you’re strapped for cash the most obvious and effective method for drinking alcohol while on a budget is simply not to drink at all or to just drink less. Unfortunately for some people… *cough* myself *cough* this is far from the easiest method and stopping all together isn’t really an option with a lifestyle full of bar promotions, football tailgates and rock concerts.

Another issue with trying to save money on Alcohol… it’s a recession proof product. This means the chance and occasion for major bargains on your favorite cocktail are pretty much nonexistent. But don’t you worry, there are still ways to lower that booze bill… I have gathered a list of more useful methods to help you save money on alcohol while still ballin on a budget.

1. PREDRINK – Unless you don’t know how to pace yourself once you get to the bar,

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