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Vacationing with Children on a Budget: 3 Simple Strategies To Preserve Your Wallet

It’s hard to plan a great family vacation while living on a budget. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck and just making ends meet, a long vacation may seem out of the question, but, it doesn’t have to be. Careful planning can help you create a nice family vacation without breaking the bank.

1) Plan In Advance

If you plan to take a long trip next Summer, start planning in the Winter. Put a little bit of money away each week and you’ll find that saving for a vacation isn’t

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Save Up 2010 Recap

Save Up 2010 was a convention attended by 30 Savings.com Dealpros in an effort to network and learn new techniques and strategies in marketing, SEO and, of course, saving money. The event kicked off on November 11th with a welcome dinner at Gino’s East, which was a great opportunity for all participants to make initial introductions and get inspired for two days of interactive learning.

November 12 featured an inspiring and heartfelt presentation from Coupon Mom, Stephanie Nelson, as well as an SEO session directed by Marc Flemming and an interactive creativity

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Savings.com: Oktoberfest 2010 – A Holiday Worth Saving For

In the U.S. we love our holidays. Any reason to take off from work and gather as friends around a grill with a couple adult beverages in hand is a good enough reason. And in every calendar month, except August, we have a legal U.S holiday–or other good enough excuse–to take off from work and get drunk.

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