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Keeping Your Home Fresh – Spend Less and Clean Smarter – PART I

 PART I:   The Cleaning Essentials


 To say, “today’s market of cleaning products is oversaturated and overpriced,” would be a major understatement.  Never before has there been so many fancy mops, air fresheners, spray bottles and other contraptions designed to spark our interest and take our money.  And what good does the millions of dollars these companies spend on advertising actually do for cleaning our homes? The answer is NOTHING.  Therefore, the first and most immediate way to save money on cleaning your home is to NEVER buy name brand cleaning products. 

 Personally, I use the dollar store for all of my cleaning needs.  You’ll find that once you knock out the name brands and other advertising gimmicks the amount of choices you have to make on actual cleaning products is far less.  The reason?  Because you can achieve the same level of cleanliness with some general cleaning knowledge and the use of some everyday home essentials.  

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