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Week On The Web: How to Get a Free Education Online

How to Get a Free Education Online – By David @ My Two Dollars

Getting an education isn’t quite what it used to be twenty years ago and with the amount of free resources you can find online, motivation is really the only thing stopping people from learning the skills they may need to help them succeed.  Check out this list of sources that provide 100% FREE access to actual college level course materials, online lectures, video tutorials and more!  While you may not be able to learn every vocation online for free and you won’t be walking away with a fancy diploma, the web is still packed full of useful knowledge that can give you a leg up in life.

6 Ways to Make Extra Money This Spring – By Kira @ Tip Hero

Hopefully after last week’s shares, you are now fully prepared to welcome the spring season while on a budget.  And now that you have gotten all of the spring cleaning out of the way, its time to focus on ways to put some extra cash in your pocket.  To start, try selling all of your unneeded belongings at garage sales and online. Then start thinking of some services your friends/neighbors may take you up on such as dog sitting/walking and lawn mowing and start your own side business! Check out this article for more tips to making some extra money this spring.

Tips on Finding Cheap Airline Tickets – By Laurel Gray

Anyone who has spent some time shopping for airline tickets online should be able to tell you that there isn’t just one single website to solve all of your airfare needs.  It is important to stay both open-minded and diligent when trying to book your next flight, making sure to price check multiple sites before coming to any decisions.  By staying flexible with dates/times and airport destinations, you can save hundreds of dollars by taking the red eye or driving a couple hours to fly out of a different airport.  You can also save some cash by purchasing special hotel/flight packages, packing your own snacks and avoiding baggage fees by packing light.

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Week On The Web: Throwing a Cheap Super Bowl Party

 Cheap Super Bowl Party – By Yelena Johnson

It may come as a surprise to some, but The Super Bowl is actually one of the most celebrated events of the year.  The good news for the ballers on budgets out there is that it doesn’t have to be one of the most expensive things to plan a party for. Check out these tips on how to save some cash on your next football party without giving up the food or the fun.

Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner

This site features over 1600 free videos and podcasts of lectures by some of today’s established entrepreneurs thanks to Stanford University.  With such a wealth of information, this site is sure to provide anyone who listens with some great tips on how to successfully start and manage your own company. Stanford University Entrepreneurship Corner is divided into a variety of useful categories, such as; creativity & innovation, product development, finance & venture capital, marketing & sales and more!

Turning Trash to Cash: How to Get Paid to Recycle – By Kira @ Tip Hero

Clear some space in those closets and add some cash to your pocket by reading this article on how to get paid to recycle. You can’t really get a better incentive than receiving cash to get rid of your junk and help conserve the environment at the same time. 

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