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Renting and Buying Movies on a Budget

Giovanni Sades / FreeDigitalPhotos.netLet’s be honest, not all movies are worth seeing in the theater or purchasing on video. Many factors determine whether or not a person enjoys a particular movie and everyone’s opinion and perspective differs. Sometimes the plot line leaves something to be desired, the acting is below par, or maybe you just don’t find the movie captivating. One thing is almost certain, you will not like every movie you watch. Conscious shoppers have learned to watch or rent any movie before deciding to purchase it.

Renting and Borrowing

-Join Netflix

As of this writing, you can rent unlimited movies without any late fees or shipping costs for less than $10 a month. In addition, you will have access to thousands of movies instantly from any computer with an Internet connection.

-Public Libraries

Libraries and Universities often offer free movie rentals to their members. Take advantage of them.

-Start a Movie Club

Share movies with your friends. Develop a checkout system and keep track of who has what. Organization is essential in making a movie club successful. If you don’t trust

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