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Week On The Web: Vacations, Inner Reflection and Fishing

Eight Ways to Stretch Your Vacation Dollar – By fivecentnickel.com

Being that it is summertime and the height of vacation & tourist season, the first piece of advice I would give you to save a bunch of money on your next trip would be to wait until fall. I do understand that with kids, teaching jobs etc that a lot of people need a vacation and they only have a month or so left to have one.  This article offers some great ideas on how to save some cash while you’re out having fun. For starters, try and go for the free souvenirs like seashells and collect photos and ticket stubs. You can easily turn a walk on the beach into a seashell hunting competition or make a collage with all the stubs, menus and photos from your vacation and make it with your loved ones when you get back. Also try to take advantage of any free festivals, museums/libraries or other noteworthy landmarks that are nearby and pack a lunch for everyone to avoid spending money in a restaurant.

50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind – By Freedom Unplugged

Remember, true ballers on budgets work on their mental strength & personality as well as their spending habits.  Reflect on your inner you and possibly gain a new perspective by asking yourself these fifty questions. Take the time to answer each one honestly, write down your answers if it helps you focus.  Pick the ones that mean something to you and save them to go back and reflect on at a later time. You can even print them out and stick them someplace you know you’ll see. Creating your own daily/weekly affirmations can prove to be a very helpful way to keep yourself determined to achieving your goals in life.

10 Tips to Get Cheap Cruise Tickets – By SaveAFewBucks.com

Being a Florida native, I can personally attest that cruises can be an awesome and fairly cost effective way to spend a vacation. That is of course if you know what you’re doing. (Read my article on cruises vacations on a budget HERE) It is important to remember that you’re initial purchase of the cabin(s) is not only your ticket onto the boat but also the cost of 2/3 of your trip.  While scouring the internet for bargains can be important, try taking the best quotes you find to multiple travel agents and make sure you’re getting all of the discounts and extras possible. Travel Agents also usually get better prices because they purchase so many trips at volume and are more likely to come down on the price once they have a target to beat.  If you can get all of your friends and family together, you can purchase multiple cabins at a bulk discounted rate. You should also try to book your own airline tickets and offshore excursions for a cheaper route.

Money Saving Tips for Bass Fishing – By Carol Ochs

For those of you looking to get out and get some fishing done this summer, don’t fret, there are plenty of ways to go fishing on a budget. For starters ditch “the bigger the boat, the bigger the catch” mentality. Large boats not only cost a lot of money, but will burn fuel quickly.  Some other useful tips are trying to catch your own bait or make your own tackle. You can also save some cash by getting a couple friends together and buying all of your fishing line at once in bulk. Another neat tip was to only change part of your line by using a heavy line for your backing and then attaching the line of your choice using a uni-knot.

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Week On The Web: Summer on a Budget Edition

5 Cheap BBQ Ideas – By Yelena Johnson

Hosting a barbeque at your home for your family/friends is a ballin summer tradition that can be a quite costly endeavor if you’re not careful. If you’re throwing an alcoholic party, serve beer instead of liquor and buy it in bulk. One quick and easy tip is to skip buying a ton of disposable plates, cups and flatware and just serve your normal glassware. If you decide you can afford to provide the food, try not to obsess over pleasing everyone’s palate and only offer 1 or 2 selections of meat. If you’re strapped on cash, don’t be shy to ask your family and friends to bring the sides, drinks or even their own meat for the grill.

9 Summer Activities on a Budget – By Buttoned Up

Summer fun doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, check out these fun and practically free tips to enjoy the warm weather without spending a chunk of cash.  Own a tarp? Well that and some soap is pretty much all you need to make your own slip n slide. Take advantage of the outdoors and go hiking, take a trip to the beach or organize a camping trip with your friends.  You could also take the time to learn a new skill, read some new books or even volunteer some time to give back to your community.

6 Best Things to Buy in June – By Kira @ TipHero

With father’s day sales in high abundance for the earlier part of June, there are a lot of tools, paint and other home improvement items for the taking if you are in the market. This is also traditionally the best month of the year to buy suits and other male formalwear.  When planning your grocery lists, make sure to take into account which fruits and veggies are in season to get some great bargains and some really fresh produce.

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Cruise Vacations On a Budget: Alternative to Traditional Family Vacations

No matter the worlds economic state, vacation from the grinds of daily life will always be a welcomed pleasure, and cruise vacations can be exhilarating and cost-effective if planned correctly. One of the most enticing factors of a cruise vacation is that the majority of your mandatory costs will come from booking the cruise itself, and you may not have to worry about any other expenses except for travel to the port. Factors such as timing and fees are important to consider before swiping the credit card.

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