This Week On The Web: 7 Tips to Save on Medical Expenses

7 Tips to Save Money on Medical Expenses – By Jim Wang

The costs of health care these days can cause even the most secure family hardships.  This article explains 7 Tips on saving money on medical expenses.

Homemade versions of Girl Scout cookies – By Robin Shreeves

Why buy $5 boxes of cookies from little girls at grocery stores when you can impress your friends and love ones with your own homemade versions of the most popular cookies around?

The 3,000 Mile Oil Change Myth – By Kira @ Tip Hero

Is the 3,000 mile oil change really necessary in modern day cars? This article discusses the pros and cons of paying to get your oil changed every 3000 miles and whether its your engine or wallet that is the one getting worked over.

 Eight Questions To Ask Before You Start A Business – By Giovanna

The thought of starting your own business might seem like a simple task in theory. The implementation of such a project, however, can be quite a daunting and strenuous task.  Here are eight questions to ask yourself  before starting a business.

 Free Samples

I recommend creating a dummy email account (ie and then signing up for all these free samples that will be delivered to your home.  I’ve had candy bars, shampoo, headache medicine and much more sent to my house totally free. Here is a good site to check for sample signups.  TIP: never give our your real phone number.

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