Valentines Day Ideas for Women on a Budget

narabiaondeviantartdotcomFrom a man’s perspective, Valentines Day gift shopping should be fairly simple for a female. Some men believe that this “holiday of romance” is a female holiday that pressures the man into proving romanticism and satisfying his partner; however, the goal for women on Valentines Day is the same goal that men share – to demonstrate your love and appreciation for your mate. This simple task does not require a lot of money.


Explore your creative side and design fun coupons out of construction paper. An intense backrub, favorite homemade meal, boys night out, guy movie, and laundry service are a few suggestions to get you started. Instruct your mate to redeem them at a time of his choosing.

Human fondue

Purchase chocolate syrup, frosting, fruit, and whip cream from the grocery store and have an imaginative night of foreplay.

Dinner for a week

Set aside a day to cook six dinners and freeze them. On the night of Valentines, cook him his favorite meal and present him with a personal menu that you created. Allow him to choose which days to have each of the other six meals. Thaw and enjoy!

Sexy calendar

Have 12 of your sexiest pictures printed onto a calendar from your local photo shop. Start the calendar with the month of February and ending in February of the next year.

Karma Sutra book

A good karma sutra book is the gift that keeps on giving. If your man doesn’t smile, smack him.

Lingerie for you

Men love their significant others in skimpy lingerie. In addition, you’ll be purchasing for yourself and he’ll consider it a gift for him.

When aiming to please a man on Valentines Day keep in mind three key goals: tend to his heart, his stomach and his physical desires.

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